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Membership is open to all professionals in the construction industry, including Engineers, Architects, Quantity Surveyors, Lawyers, Surveyors, Builders, Town Planners and Estate Surveyors and Valuers.


Presently, SCIARB do conduct examination before admittance to membership. However, on admission into the SCIARB, Members are encouraged to attend modules courses, seminars, meetings, membership forum and other activities of SCIARB.

All applications for election to membership shall be made in the prescribed Form and Must comply with the conditions prescribed and issued by the council from time to time. A test/Interview will be conducted for the applicant to determine suitability.

Each activity has allotted continuous professional development (CPD) hours allotted to it .it is after a sufficient accumulation of CPD hours that a member is deemed qualify to be empanelled into one of the arbitral panels of SCIARB.



Ordinarily members are not certified Aebitrators until they attend enough  seminars and workstudy of the institue. it is after adquate credit points have been achieved that the members will be on appriporate panels for Arbitration proceeding.


Every event attended is evidenced by a certificate .Our certificate are recognized by employers where our members work. We have also written to employers who sought accreditation of our certificate within the country and overseas.




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